Seize the moment. Seize the day. Seize life and live it without regret. Show kindness and compassion. Take the time to explore the path less often traveled, and travel for no other reason but to explore. Discover yourself. Talk to strangers and make new friends. Laugh with them. Sing songs all night, break warm bread and share while warming their hearts. Help those who need it and inspire others. Be thankful. Let your passion drive you. Let yourself love, and then spread it as far as your heart will fly… So let it soar.

I wish everyone a warm and happy New Year. And I thank my friends and family for the amazing support, kindness and love. Join me and spread the love in 2013!

HEARTS PROJECT is a year-long project of traveling across the United States with a red paper heart. From coast to coast, North to South, busy metropolitan cities to vast open deserts. This short video is meant to inspire everyone with a simple, yet universal message… “Spread the Love”.

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